General League Questions

We hold spring and fall baseball seasons. Our spring season typically begins in mid-to-late March and concludes in late May. Our fall season typically begins on the weekend after Labor Day and runs until late October or early November.

We have 3 completely accessible ball fields located in: Cary (805 Cary Towne Boulevard, Cary, NC 27511), Durham (473 Morehead Ave., Durham, NC 27701) and North Wake (3011 Queensland Road, Raleigh, NC 27614). See directions here.

Our games will be played through light rain unless conditions are deemed unsafe for players. Any cancellations or postponements due to inclement weather will be posted across our home page, our Facebook page, and Twitter as soon as any decisions are made. 

Your gift supports our mission of creating positive life experiences for children and adults with special needs and for their families through baseball. Click here to access our online giving site, mailing address and non-profit tax information. All donations are tax deductible.

Common PLAYER Questions

Click here for more information regarding Player Guidelines.

No, not at all. In fact, he or she does not need to have experience with any organized sport. Our dedicated coaches, staff, and volunteers will support your player through all stages of the game. ALL players with special needs of ALL abilities are welcome at the Miracle League.

Our players’ uniforms (team jersey and hat) are provided by the league on Opening Day and are included in the registration fees. Baseball-specific pants and socks are not required, so players can choose to wear pants or shorts that are most comfortable for them. We recommend athletic shoes on the baseball field. Since our field is a rubber non-slip surface rather than a dirt field, absolutely no baseball cleats are allowed. The Miracle League provides bats and balls.  Ball gloves and batting helmets are not required but players are encouraged to bring their own if they wish. All player-owned equipment should be clearly labeled with the child’s name. If you need help getting a ball glove contact CVagle@MLTriangle.com about our “Get a Glove” program. 


Players ages 5 to 95 with any diagnosed disability—cognitive or physical—or an IEP or 504 plan in school are welcome to play in our youth or adult age divisions. Click here for more information regarding Player Guidelines.

The registration fee is $35 per season, due by the first game of the season. The fee can be paid at the time of registration online, or by cash or check at the field. Checks can be made payable to The Miracle League of the Triangle. There are no other fees required during the season. Click here for more information regarding Player Guidelines.

There are no practices at the Miracle League; however, the coaches may want to warm-up with your player before the game. This is why it is important to arrive 20 minutes prior to each game to be paired up with your Buddy and to get warmed up. Click here for more information regarding Player Guidelines.

Each game lasts for 2 full innings, or roughly 1 hour of game play. Click here for more information regarding Player Guidelines.

Your game schedule can be found one of two ways. First, you can use your player’s login name and password to access the account and check your game schedule. This way is preferable because you can also use this account to mark your player absent for any games they might miss. Second, you can find a general listing of the game schedules here.

A Buddy is a volunteer, ages 12+ who will assist your player 1:1 during the games. Buddies offer support to your player, providing any physical assistance needed as well as encouragement, and acting as an intermediate if further assistance is required during the game. Buddies receive training at the beginning of their first shift.

Of course. Miracle League supports the use of service animals at the field, provided they are clearly identified as a service animal, and that you carry the documentation with you to the field. Owners are expected to clean up after their animals and assume all risks as well. Certified Service animals are the ONLY animals allowed at the field.

Common VOLUNTEER Questions

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Approximately three hours.

Most of our volunteers start as either a Buddy or a Coach, but we have other opportunities, as well. To learn more about the different volunteer roles, click here. Regardless of the volunteer role, we will ensure you get all of the information and training you need to be successful.

  • Buddy Training takes place at the ball field on game day before each shift. It is facilitated by a member of our Field Staff and presents all important Buddy-related information you need.
  • Coaches Training takes place before the season starts at a separate location. It is more in-depth and provides everything you need to be a successful coach.
  • Additional training that is specific to other volunteer roles is also provided as needed at the start of each shift.

No, you do not need in-depth knowledge of baseball to be an effective volunteer. We will train you on everything you need to know. It is important to know that Miracle League games are non-competitive – we do not call balls, strikes, or outs. The focus is on celebrating each player’s unique abilities.

No, you do not. If you have a baseball glove, feel free to bring it, but it is not necessary. Please keep in mind that cleats are NOT allowed on the Miracle League Field, so wear your sneakers or other closed-toe, soft-soled shoes instead.

No. All we ask is that you bring a positive attitude, an open mind, compassion, and a willingness to learn. We will provide all the training and information you need to be a great volunteer.

Coaches are expected to attend a minimum of six games of their team’s season. Each Coach shift lasts about one and a half to two hours. Also, coaches attend one pre-season training per year, which lasts about 2-2 ½ hours.

  • Individual volunteers:
    • You can register as a new volunteer here.
    • Click here to login to your volunteer account.
  • Players/Coaches:
  • If you have additional questions, email Kyle Coburn.

Yes! We are happy to sign any forms or provide a letter for you to receive credit for required community service hours upon completion of your volunteer shift(s). Please provide any forms that you have or request a letter by emailing Volunteer Coordinator, Kyle Coburn.


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